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Method Details

Take a look at what will be included with your membership when we launch!

SensAPitch Perfect Pitch Book 1


Tailored for preschool and entry level students. This level of SensAPitch focuses on gently teaching the concepts of notes, music, and how to use the piano as an instrument.

SensAPitch Fundamentals Includes:

  • One Lesson Book, One Songbook

  • Complimenting Audio Tracks,

  • A 1-year membership to SensAPitch Online with access to lessons, blogs and live chats with creator Bonnie teVelde

  • A SensAPitch Music Bag with fun surprises!

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Perfect Pitch

SensAPitch is the revolutionary Whole-Brain Music Method that teaches Piano & Perfect Pitch 10x Faster than any other music method on earth! 

The SensAPitch Perfect Pitch Method includes:

  •  4 Lesson Books, teaching the 12 notes of the scale from C4-B5

  • Complimenting Video & Audio Tracks

  • Songbooks with colored note sheet music

  • A SensAPitch Music Bag, with At Home Teaching Materials

  • A 1-year membership to SensAPitch Online with access to blogs and live chats with creator Bonnie teVelde


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SensAPitch Perfect Pitch Book 2 Cover
SensAPitch Perfect Pitch Book 3.jpeg


SensAPitch is just as effective for established and adult musicians!

94.7% of our students are able to hear the difference between three (3) or more notes within three (3) months of starting SensAPitch. Even 'tone deaf' or 'hopeless' students will see improvement.

The SensAPitch Advanced Method includes:

  •  Lesson Books tailored to established musicians

  • Songbooks with Complex concepts including circle of fifths, harmonies, and multiple hand placements.

  • A 1-year membership to SensAPitch Online with access to blogs and live chats with creator Bonnie teVelde


For Pricing:  Contact Us!


I created SensAPitch with the full force of my lifetime of teaching students and teachers as individuals to learn Perfect Absolute Pitch. 

I composed a set of teaching songs, and several songbooks, all with multiple goals for introducing complex musical skills in a fun, entertaining, rhythmic, and memorable songs. 

I tried new songbooks one at a time on my new students in August, 2021. I first worried I had made them too difficult for “beginners” to learn. I watched in total astonishment as one student after another, from preschoolers to older adults, not only liked them, but LOVED to play them… so much that they learned the fundamental skills included inside of them easily and with joy, giggles and laughter filling every video they sent to me. 

In my career with teaching the best of “traditional methods”, I used Faber’s Piano Adventures, I was clear that to completely train a new student through at least the end of Level 3B, took approximately 1-2 years per level. Primer, Level 1, Level 2A, Level 2B, Level 3A, and Level 3B. My committed students took about 6 years to get to this point of mastery. It’s the point of emerging competence, where the student becomes a confident musician. They can play intermediate piano scores of their favorite artists, while reading and understanding the details of the theory and the technique to play well.

AlexAnt, he rides his skateboard and plays the drums!

I worked very hard for 40 years to get students to this point of mastery as quickly and enjoyably as possible, so they wouldn’t give up and quit lessons. I tried everything to keep them engaged and happy, teaching to the student’s interests first, and then modifying the method books so they became palatable for each student’s unique personality type and learning style. 

It is known that many students have a hard time learning to memorize music unless they practice doing it during the first years of playing. I sought accreditation from the National Guild of Piano Teachers and became a Certified Piano Teacher.  I added twice annual adjudications that did a four objective purpose of:

1) Student opportunities to present their hard work to an accredited and objective piano expert, 
2) A Requirement of memorizing two pieces, with dynamics and technical skills, presented with confidence, 
3) Providing documentation of all of the skills learned during the previous 6 months for college scholarship submissions
4) Gave them tangible rewards for their hard work and tenacity for sticking with lessons

In 8 months, my new students have surpassed the skills demonstrated by my “Piano Adventures” students have shown after 6-8 years in lessons with me! At first I thought it was one or another of my new students, and that they were somehow more exceptional music learners. That worked with the first three children in a row… and then the next adult, and then the next 6… then two students with significant learning challenges like autism and hearing impairment. One after another got to level 3B or higher competence in 6-8 months, regardless of their age or “natural” abilities. 

I have always identified it as a “Whole-Brain Music Method”, but it’s more than that. It’s the way a human being was designed to learn to play music. It’s a very simple method to teach, and on the surface of it, looks and feels very easy. The learning disguised underneath is absolutely not easy, but I wouldn’t know it from the smiles on my student’s faces.

This is the way the human brain was designed to learn to play music. Quickly, easily, and completely self-motivated, and individually customizable to meet any student’s needs, whether there is current evidence of talent or not. 


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