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Complete Music Lessons
Piano & Voice + Perfect Pitch

Developed over 30 years, this Whole-Brain Music Method offers an unmatched musical education.

Beautifully illustrated song books showcase each note with a specific color, making music intuitive and easy to learn.

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Absolute Perfect Pitch?

What is

The ability to easily and quickly identify notes in a song without needing an instrument. 

Fully Functional APP is the ability to play a song on an instrument easily, by only listening to it. 

Fully Functional A.P.P. is a key component of musical genius.

Our techniques engage your natural photographic memory of sound, increasing cognitive learning speed up to 10x!

Absolute Perfect Pitch (APP) training enhances hearing acuity and expands the way we listen. Neurons in the brain are re-tasked as we focus our attention on the tonal colors of each note, changing and enhancing the auditory processing ability of the brain. The earlier a child can enter preschool music lessons or a children's music method, the easier it will be for them to play music by ear and learn perfect pitch.

Fully Functional A.P.P. gives the musician the ability to hear a note in a song and quickly use that information to play it. Figuring out how to play a song by ear comes easily and naturally, like speaking a known language. 

Our students love learning while creating and nurturing musical families to support and grow with them. Our wide variety of unique fun games and songs written with positive uplifting lyrics are the pinnacle of private lessons.


Parents learn alongside their children, creating a bond reinforced by patience and understanding. These strong connections are the foundations of loving Musical Families.

We set you up for success from the very first lesson. Become the high level musician you've always dreamed about, in a fraction of the time. Discover joyful, accomplished, and excited feelings every lesson. Our ongoing blogs address all areas of music education, with knowledgeable tips learned from a lifetime of teaching. 

94.7% of our students are able to hear the difference between three (3) notes within three (3) months of starting with SensAPitch.

You will meet the uniquely talented, kind, and outgoing Carly Caterpillar!

Her exciting journey starts out as she sets out to solve a mystery about her great grandmother, Camilla...

Carly Catapillar.png

Buzzy Bee has a musical family, 
and each member has a special

Join Buzzy on his journey

and have more fun

than you ever imagined!

Gracie Grasshopper joins in on the fun, sharing calming Green G with everyone.

Gracie likes details,

and follows each step.

She sticks to directions,

and knows where they're kept.

Gracie Grasshopper Title.png

The 7 Signs of Musical Talent

Are you musical? Do you have musical traits?
 Ever wondered about your natural musical potential?
Listen to Bonnie talk about each of the 7 Signs below.
How many musical signs do you have?
Musical Talent Sign 1


Do you like to sing, hum, or make sound effects?
I sing and hum or make sound effects all the time.
Musical Talent Sign 2


Do you listen to songs over and over again?
I listen to the same song over and over again if I like it.
Musical Talent Sign 3


Do you get songs stuck in your head
I get songs "stuck" in my head, even when the music is off.
Musical Talent Sign 4


Do you love to dance or move around?
I Love to dance and move around.
Musical Talent Sign 5


Do you like to play instruments or do you think they are cool?
I like to play instruments around me.
Musical Talent Sign 6


Have you ever wanted to play or sing?
I want to learn to play or sing music.
Musical Talent Sign 7


Is anyone in your family musical?
I have a close relative that is musical.
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Which Signs of Talent does the student show? (Select all that apply)

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