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SenseAPitch unlocks your hidden skills and abilities you never knew existed! Developed over 20 years, this Whole-Brain learning method creates new connections between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

 This intuitive way of learning music starts with identifying the vibration of each note by its distinct sound and color. We have taught hundreds of students of all ages, you can start Now!

You will meet the uniquely talented and outgoing Carly Caterpillar!

Her Journey starts from home and goes out into the unknown to discover a world full of musical friends and beautiful tones of music...

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Absolute Perfect Pitch is the ability to differentiate

and identify a note without an instrument.

The skill we teach is a key component of musical genius. It's a skill that enhances hearing acuity, expands the way we listen to life and even increases brain mass and structure. With Absolute Perfect Pitch we can tell what notes a musician is playing just by listening to the radio. We can then go to an instrument and play the song without needing any written music.

Perfect Pitch also provides the uncanny ability to simply hear a song a few times then be able to figure out how it's played without much help. It just comes easily and naturally, like speaking a known language. SensAPitch (tm) specializes in helping students find and enhance this musical genius.

"I just want my child to learn to play a little piano with no pressure!"


If your child is musical, they can learn to play beautiful music quickly, or they can struggle to take years learning even the most basic song. If you are starting at the same time at the beginning, choose the route with the greatest chance of success! Choose the route that builds self confidence quickly, and gives each student a point of emerging competence. Which would be more inspiring to your child?


As Parents we have such big dreams for our children. We want them to be happy, confident, self expressed and to love learning. We enroll them in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities hoping that one will catch their attention. It's usually quite random as to which one will be "the one" that sticks. What if your child was set up for success in each subject from the first day?


Parents would see their child feels accomplished, educated, and love to learn. Give your child a great connection with a trained teacher, and you naturally develop a "talented" musician.

Buzzy B is proud as can be to show you how to be a Sensapitch Master!

Buzzy didn't always have such colorful wings! Learn his exciting multi-part theme to develop your skills along with Buzzy!

Start perfect pitch training today!


Either taught in person, as a 5 min part of a regular private music lesson, or online, Across the board, SensAPitch works!

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