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Is Perfect Pitch just 'talent'... or can it be taught?

Some of the most common questions about Absolute Perfect Pitch

I have AP. My father had it before me. I also started lessons before the age of 6. I understand the advantage that AP has given me in music over these years, and I want our students to enjoy that advantage. When they learn this skill, playing multiple instruments is easy. They read music well and progress through the method books quickly. Playing and performing with less stress, they sense where the music is going, and what to play next. They learn to play new instruments naturally.

WHY DO I WANT MY CHILD TO LEARN IT? A child with AP can move through the process of learning an instrument at twice the speed of one without it. Because they progress faster, they play more satisfying pieces and get more positive attention and gain confidence quickly. Learning additional instruments is easy for them and their peers notice their musical skill. When children with AP play in a band or orchestra, everyone knows who they are. They are first chosen for solos, and looked to for their expertise. When they hear a tune on a video game, TV, or a movie, they can figure it out. These things create self confidence and poise. But the best reason of all for your child to have AP is that they will hear in color for life.


Musical prodigies and greats of every musical era had Absolute Pitch. They include: J.S. Bach, Ludwig Beethoven, W.A. Mozart, Fredrik Chopin, J.S. Handel, and many more. More recent examples of AP include: Celine Dion, Elton John, Kelly Clarkson, Martha Agarich, Yo Yo Ma, and others at the top of the music industry. One thing they all have in common: Absolute Perfect Pitch. This allows them the ability to tell their band when they need a key change, and easily transition to the new key. AP allows them to compose beautiful music. It allows them to enjoy music with more variety, in full color. They experience full color sound that gets more and more beautiful throughout their lives as they continue on their musical journeys.

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Thank you Bonnie, very inspiring and confirming. Parents and grandparents need this kind of encouragement! I know I do.

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