Arun has been attending lessons utilizing the Sens-A-Pitch method for 5 years. Within that time without any additional schooling or extracurricular training, he has been able to advance from no ability to determine notes, to 7 notes at once, and can identify the octave they are in.

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In her own words...

Since childhood, it has been my dream to share the incredible gift of self expression through music with others. 

I think that in order to understand who I am, and how passionate I am about music education, you need to know where I come from, and why I love music education so much! Every day I am amazed that it just keeps getting better. Our students are the most amazing group of people I will ever meet, and our teachers are truly my precious children.

I was born with a genetic gift, that through exposure to the right environment of music lessons, resulted in me developing Absolute Perfect Pitch (AP). I was blessed to have parents that instinctively gave me the absolutely perfect environment to foster my gift. I have come to believe that this gift is not rare, and that almost all instinctive/intuitive musicians have it. But that comes later.

Without my parents, and other tragic events that happened in my life that acted as catalysts, I would have never been able to refine my natural talents and abilities. These events now shape every decision I make, every teacher I hire, and every parent interaction I have.

Now through our non-profit, MUSE Arts Education, we can give people with disabilities the opportunity for healing through music. In this chapter of my life, my whole world is about people like Tara Olson, a girl wtih a brain injury that has changed my life. She is one of many that I have worked with that are precious to me. It is because of students like her, and Tina Green, another precious girl with a gift, that I am truly happy every day! I dedicate this story to all of the hero's of my life, including my husband, Pete, who has made me believe that "we" are so much bigger than "I".