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My Golden Tyrannosaurus Rex teaches 3 notes and their colors: Gold, Red and Green.

The sheet music to the right may seem common but look closer...SensAPitch uses colors to reinforce the tonal vibration of each note.


The note 'C' becomes a Vibrant, Strong, Strawberry Red Color. And the note G reveals a Natural, Relaxing Green.

My Golden T-Rex


Let's listen to

Listen and play along with Bonnie!

Listen to Bonnie play the Golden Metallic E, and Fresh Green G, can you hear the difference?! Play Along with Bonnie as she teaches what to listen for. 😃

Colored CEG.jpeg

Color Chart

Place a Color Chart on your piano,
behind the 5 Middle Black keys. 

There are 3 Keys colored in the photo, those are the notes we will be playing!
Red C, Gold E, and Green G.
try to find all the matching sets!

Print out a Color Chart Here


Use a drumstick or your fingers to Tap-Play My Golden Tyrannosaurus Rex

Walk Walk Walk

Running Running Running


My Golden Tie

My Golden Tie





My Golden Tyrannosaurus Rex

My Golden Tyrannosaurus Rex

Level 1:
Playing and Singing

Listen to the notes and words and sing along with Bonnie! When you feel that you are ready to try , Play Along 😃

Listen to Bonnie play My Golden Tyrannasourus Rex with

 Metallic Gold E, and Natural Green G. 

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